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It’s been over two years since I wrote for this blog. I think I’m what you would call a “statistic”. I can see the headline now: “Woman Starts Blog, Then She Gets Busy”. In all honesty, I started this blog to help transition my career from TV into the world of tech. Seems to have worked, right? After landing said tech job, my work took over and I stopped writing. However, what continued within me was my desire to observe, document and share out my digital experiences. The way in which the internet of things, mobile devices and our hyper connectivity have taken over hasn’t stopped. If anything it’s increased in speed, and I find it absolutely fascinating/terrifying/interesting…the list goes on.

I promise you, during this 2+ years hiatus, a lot has changed for me and it’s impacted how I want to continue Digitales. Moving forward, you’ll find I’m focused on writing with the following guidelines:

  • Brevity

    I’m going to be more brief in my posts. I know how short attention spans are, especially when it comes to mobile (and most of you are probably reading this from your phones). I will try to keep my posts brief and will link out to other sites/articles if you want to go a bit deeper on a subject.

  • Keep It Personal

    If you want to read the latest tech specs of a new device, there are so many amazing sites you can visit. I could try my best, but still would never come close to the expertise of those talented reporters. What I can offer is a look into my personal experiences and opinions on the topics I will be focusing on.

  • Stay True To My Interests

    When I started this blog, my main focus was tech. Since then I’ve found myself increasingly interested in:

    • The world of fashion. Especially when it comes to the convergence of fashion and tech. Think wearables and AI integration in accessories. I’m also very curious about up and coming designers/labels with unique perspectives and brands trying to lessen the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment.

    • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The only way forward is diversity and inclusion. Unique perspectives, varied backgrounds, differing points of view. It’s how the best teams are made and how the best work gets done.

    • Disruptor companies with a true mission to make the world a better place and the revenue opportunity behind that. Especially looking at ways to reduce carbon footprints. Sure, we may love the convenience of many products and services, but how can it be done differently? Is there a better way? I think so!

    • The ways we each can make a difference when it comes to climate change. How can we live in a more sustainable and ethical way.

    4. Be Myself

    I bring with me my experiences, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the conversations I’ve had…etc. I will bring my whole self to these posts. I’d rather spend my energy being myself than anything else, so that’s the plan!

I’m excited to get back to Digitales and make this a more regular part of my life. I’m currently writing this post from my recent new home of New York City. Currently there are trumpet players outside blasting jazz music outside my apartment. It’s cool, but it also reminds me I really need to buy some new ear plugs.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more soon!