Do You Believe in Magic?

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But seriously, do you? Yes? No? Maybe? Well no matter your current belief, the all mighty internet has made it clear that magic is real….and it can be yours by visiting .

As a kid, I would have used magic to make me taller (didn’t happen, vertically restricted to 5”2), to make me a movie star (me? Wanting attention? Never!) and to move my family back to Toronto after living in Winnipeg for 2 years (it happened, dreams do come true).

But what I’m talking about now is magic for grown ups. Those things we wish we could just snap our fingers and *boom* it’s done. Things like having our online shopping order picked up from the post office and delivered when we’re actually home. Or having someone trustworthy show up and clean our apartments while we’re out so we can return home to a palace of order and cleanliness. And for those on the job hunt, having someone write us exceptional cover letters for all those online job applications.  There is now a service, called magic, that can do all this and more!

How it Works?

All you have to do is text “HELLO” to the number 83489 to get started. Text in your request and Magic will literally do anything for you, as long it’s legal.  Unfortunately you’ll still have to keep those shady friends on your contact list for illegal habits.  Magic will tell you how much your request will cost and if you agree to the price well, let the magic begin my friend. With your first magic request you’ll be asked for your credit card information (because nothing in life is free) so they can charge you for your requests.

Am I a Horrible Person?

Now I personally thought this idea was really cool until I told my friend Corey about it and he made me feel like an awful human being with his response. His first reaction was along the lines of “what has humanity come to?” while mine was “oooh exciting new thing!”. He makes a valid point but I figure we live in a time of instant gratification and if you’ve got the means, why not magic your worries away.

Only In America

Seriously, it’s only available in America right now. Wonder if it’ll come to the great white north, we’ll soon see!


Magic is provided by Magic, Inc. located in San Francisco, CA.